Danube A2 Workstation

The Danube is a large table easel ideal for working on both art and craft projects. Made from hard-wearing beech wood, this drawing board fits up to A2 size and can be adjusted to five different positions offering a variety of angles to work on.

This easel is 50cm (19 1/2”) deep, 75cm (29 1/2”) in width and 49cm (19”) when it is extended to its highest point.

The Danube weighs approximately 2.8kg (6lb 3oz)

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  • Good, sturdy board - Danube A2 Workstation

    This is a very well made and finished piece of equipment. It does not have the best angle for watercolour painting, but I have found It is possible to prop it into a good angle by inserting a piece of dowel - which I happened to have, anything like that would do - which holds it at an angle that suits securely enough. Elizabeth Hopson (Kirk Michael, United Kingdom) on 13 Oct 2018
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  • Excellent drawing & painting board - Danube A2 Workstation

    Well constructed and stores flat, with the stand engaging in the last slot on the frame. Good size for most work and the lip at the bottom is a handy feature. The shallowest angle is still a little too steep for me so it could do with another slot in the frame or a slight redesign of the stand but I appreciate that this might be a personal thing depending on your style of painting and/or medium. William Ford (Cockermouth, United Kingdom) on 27 Jul 2020
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  • Good quality, light weight, excellent value - Danube A2 Workstation

    Love this drawing board... The different angles are really useful although if there was a position between flat and the first angle that would have been useful. But overall a very very good board. Light weight too Yvonne Woodhall (Burton-on-Trent, United Kingdom) on 24 Jan 2021
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