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Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground

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Let your imagination soar!

For too long, the beautiful medium of watercolour has been confined to a paper-behind-glass niche. Now, with this exciting new ground, anything you’ve dreamed of painting with watercolour can become a reality. It’s easy to use—just brush it on—and incredibly versatile.

Please note: Although this ground allows you to paint with watercolour on any surface, the results will differ from the effects achieved when using paper. We feel that this product is NOT a substitute for watercolour paper.

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Here are a few tips for getting the best results.

  • Preparation
    Absorbent or semi-absorbent surfaces require no special prep before brushing on DANIEL SMITH Watercolour Ground. These include paper, canvas and other fabrics, wood, plaster, shells and hardboard. Non-absorbent surfaces such as metal, plastic or glass should be lightly abraded with sandpaper or steel wool before brushing on the Watercolour Ground.
  • Application
    We recommend using Watercolour Ground straight from the container. It has a thick, brushable consistency. Use a soft-haired synthetic brush for a smooth finish or a hog bristle brush for a more textured finish. Since the ground is pigmented with Titanium White pigment, one coat will cover most surfaces; very absorbent surfaces such as unfinished soft wood may require two coats, allowing the first coat to cure before adding the second. Wash brushes immediately after use.
  • Curing
    Let Watercolour Ground dry and cure for at least 24 hours. This allows it to attain the right degree of absorption.
  • Painting
    DANIEL SMITH Watercolour Ground works beautifully with watercolours and thinned acrylics. Because it creates a surface more absorbent than paper, you will want to use less water with your paint. Experiment and see what works best for you. It also works beautifully with DANIEL SMITH Masking Fluid.


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  • Probably one of my best art purchases - Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground White 473ml

    If, like me, you like to use acrylics in more of a watercolour style, I would certainly give this a try. An excellent product which provides a slight tooth to a ground. I have tried it on canvasses and found it suited my style perfectly - you can also layer the paint on quite thickly if desired. It gives a nice translucence to the support. Although I wouldn't say it was exactly like working on paper - I love it. I will certainly be purchasing more. M L JAMES (Rochester, United Kingdom) on 19 Feb 2014
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  • Good for patching up mistakes! - Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground White 473ml

    I had accidentally taken off a section of the top layer of my watercolour paper and thought I had ruined my painting. However, although it isn't its original purpose, this watercolour ground is very good at 'filling in' and patching up such mistakes! Jill Hermitage (Benfleet, United Kingdom) on 19 Aug 2013
    14 of 14 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
  • Beyond your imagination. - Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground White 473ml

    To paint on a glass with watercolor, this is beyond the imagination. Can Dogancan (Istanbul, Turkey) on 8 Dec 2012
    9 of 9 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no