Daniel Smith Alvaro Castagnet's Set and FREE 238 DOT CARD

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For a limited time only, get a FREE 238 Dot Card woth £24.99 when you buy this set!

Daniel Smith is proud to release a Master Artist Set of the 10 Extra Fine Watercolours that world respected artist Alvaro Castagnet loves the most.

This unique 10 colour set is your opportunity to experience the colours on Alvaro’s palette! The Set includes NEW Burnt Sienna Light, a colour formulated specifically for Alvaro and available only in this set.

Included are 1 (5ml tube) each of:

  • Hansa Yellow Deep
  • Mayan Orange
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Viridian
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Burnt Sienna Light ( NEW colour - only available in Alvaro's set.)
  • Neutral Tint
  • Deep Scarlet (only available in 5ml size as part of Alvaro's set.)
  • Pyrrol Red  
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Hansa Yellow Deep
With a touch of orange, this is a pure chroma colour with high-tinting, semi-transparent organic pigments. is considered the 'perfect yellow', a fact which offers more control when mixing.

Mayan Orange
Hot and intense! Use it straight from the tube for a blazing red-orange. As you add water, the colour remains strong and disperses very evenly.

Ultramarine Blue
Intense, pure and subtly granulating, it stands proudly alone pure blue without shading to any other colour.

Cobalt Blue
Power with every drop. Cobalt Blue is a neutral, non-staining primary blue which subtly modifies most pigments. Considered a "mixing pigment", its transparent nature can cast a giant reticulating shadow.

This transparent non-staining pigment is an excellent glazing pigment. It's a cool blue-green useful in mixing without staining other pigment particles and for soft edges.

Yellow Ochre
“Is a stunning gold hue, bright and clean yet true to its earthy nature. It’s non-staining, can be lifted easily to create highlights and has a predicable soft granulation in washes” - Alvaro.

NEW Burnt Sienna Light
“Daniel Smith has created Burnt Sienna Light just for me. It is a beautiful, transparent hue. It is permanent, it has power and it breaks down Ultramarine Blue perfectly. Burnt Sienna Light is fabulous when you want to place cool colours on top. I use it when I am going into my darks where I drop it into Ultramarine Blue (included in the set) or Alizarin Crimson to create magnificent darks” -Alvaro

Neutral Tint
“I use Neutral Tint because it grays down any hue rapidly so I can go directly into my rich darks, while maintaining the original chroma. By itself, Neutral Tint is not special, but the moment it mixes with a neighboring hue you get a rich, more active, interesting colour” - Alvaro.

Deep Scarlet
“Deep Scarlet is a powerful tint and is perfect for undercoats when painting cool gray shadows. I’ll put a wash of Deep Scarlet and then once it dries I drop cool washes on top so the shadows will glow! When mixed with Neutral Tint it gives me a very juicy colour that allows me to go into my darks very quickly” - Alvaro.

Pyrrol Red
This fire engine red is cleaner than Cadmium or Permanent Red. It is a modern synthetic-organic pigment which, while close in value to its cousins the Perylenes, disperses more evenly and is less granular.

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  • Excellent - DS Castagnet Set and FREE 240 Dot Card

    Great colours Patrick Hanlon (Dublin D16 HT96, Republic Of Ireland) on 14 Oct 2018
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  • Excellent product, paint quality superb. - DS Castagnet Set and FREE 240 Dot Card

    Love the paint dots, really good way of assessing the quality and colour. Belinda Barker (Oswestry, United Kingdom) on 27 Jan 2019
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  • Daniel Smith - DS Castagnet Set and FREE 240 Dot Card

    Superb quality and fantastic range of colours. Sophie Lee (Cranbrook, United Kingdom) on 14 Feb 2021
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