Daler Rowney Ingres Pastel Paper Pad

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Named after the Neoclassical French painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Ingres paper is a uniquely textured paper ideal for pastel drawing. The surface of this paper is formed on a cylinder mould machine by pressing the paper fibres between the cylinder mesh and the marking felt. The surface texture is know as a chain and laid line surface.

Available in two sizes, 12 x 9in (305 x 228mm) and 16 x 12in (406 x 305mm), these Daler Rowney Ingres Pastel Paper Pads provide excellent tooth for traditional pastel work. Spiral bound these pads contain 24 acid free 160gsm (90lb) sheets in an assortment of colours.

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12" x 9" Ingres Pad Product Code: 405221209
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