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Da Vinci Series 703 Casaneo Sword Striper

    The Da Vinci Series 703 Casaneo Sword Striper is made from an imitation squirrel, synthetic fibre and has a long flexible tip ideal for painting long lines. It has a short black handle and is finished with a gold-coloured ferrule.

    Da Vinci Casaneo brushes are made using the newest developments in synthetic fibres. This revolutionary hair is flexible, has great colour holding capacity and will hold the perfect line while offering exceptional durability.

    Available in size 0. The length of the hair from the ferrule measures 55mm, and the overall length of the brush is approximately 120mm

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    • Adds to my creativity - Da Vinci Series 703 Casaneo Sword Striper Brush

      This brush can do all kinds of marks, and circles when pressed down at the base
      I dipped part of it in one ink, then the remainder in a different color and it made beautiful ribbons
      The shorter handle allows for usage with different kinds of media and support
      It cleans easily and retains its shape
      Holds a good amount of media, for me it's ink and watercolor
      So happy with my purchase
      I'm hoping Da Vinci can produce a water brush with the same filaments and shape Alexis Moore (Miami, USA) on 30 May 2019
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