Da Vinci Series 374 Hobby & School Brushes Flat

School and hobby synthetic flat brushes.

Flat grey, very elastic synthetic fibre aluminium ferrule green matt handles with a newly developed surface structure.
Sizes No. 16 and 24 
Flat brushes for area work.

Size 16 - 15mm wide

Size 24  -  19mm wide

Thanks to a newly developed synthetic fibre we have created – in combination with attractive handles and ferrules – a hobby and school painting brush assortment, which fascinates not only by its interesting look but also by its surprising value for money. This innovative product offers better performance than the traditional school brush with natural hair when it comes to real painting and colour absorbing capacity.

These brushes can be used with acrylic paints and watercolour poster paint.

These brushes have short handles.

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Da Vinci Series 374 size 16 Product Code: 37416
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Da Vinci Series 374 size 24 Product Code: 37424
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