Creative Alcohol Inks by Ashley Mahlberg

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Creative Alcohol Inks by Ashley Mahlberg offers an accessible, step-by-step guide to using alcohol inks. This medium is very popular with young and beginner artists. With detailed project instructions you'll be creating contemporary ink paintings in no time!

This medium is spontaneous and organic. Their vibrant, transparent colour can be used in all kinds of wonderful ways.  Ashley Mahlberg, artist and Instagrammer, is a master of the medium and offers a great introduction for amateurs and enthusiasts alike. This book discusses essential materials, tools, substrates and finishes. All kinds of techniques are covered from pouring, lifting, masking and adding embellishments. The projects are sure to inspire you to create beautiful artwork and fun crafty creations.

144 page Paperback, 216x254 mm

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Ashley Mahlberg of Ink Reel Studio is an abstract artist and graphic designer. Inspired by the Washington coast, Ashley’s work mimics organic forms, flow, and dynamic colour palettes found in her everyday surroundings. Ashley licenses her work, shows her art in local commercial spaces, and has been a featured artist on The Crafter’s Box, where she taught alcohol ink techniques. See more of Ashley’s work on Instagram, her website, and Etsy. She lives in Burlington, Washington, USA.

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Crafts Beautiful

If you fancy a change from paints, Creative Alcohol Inks, reveals the many possibilities that this medium offers. Ashley Mahlberg sets out how to get started, and to create different looks using pouring, lifting, masking, and adding embellishments to various projects.


If you're looking for something a bit different look no further. Alcohol inks have a free-flowing quality which enables you to produce fascinating abstract effects on both paper and ceramics. In this project based book, Ashley will show you how to take advantage of happy accidents and unexpected results. She'll also demonstrate finer levels of control by showing you how to draw trees that introduce a level of realism into a fantasy landscape.

I won't pretend that this will be for everyone but, if you were intrigued by the current vogue for paint pouring, or just like to explore new ideas, it's certainly worth a look.

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