Crawshaw's Sketching & Drawing Course DVD

    Shot on location in the Bahamas, this colourful series is a step-by-step guide to the techniques and materials needed for successful sketching and drawing.

    Alwyn and his wife June co-present the series and give advice on sketching people, animals, plants, boats and buildings. Each programme includes demonstrations of different sketching media, including pencils, pastels, felt-tips, charcoal, oils and watercolour.

    DISC 1

    1: Introduction To Sketching And Drawing
    How to use a pencil, the different types of pencils and drawing papers, an information sketch of a palm tree, a watercolour sketch of a fruit stall and a three minute sketch of a fish.

    2: Perspective
    Finding 'eye-level', the importance of the vanishing point, sketching a bell tower and a three minute sketch of Alwyn in a hammock.

    3: Measuring And Using Coloured Pencils
    How to measure successfully, how to use coloured pencils, two sketches of quite different buildings and a three minute sketch of a chair. Also, sketching with charcoal.

    4: Choosing Your Subject And Sketching In Oils
    How to choose and frame your subject, the importance of focal points, sketching in oils and watercolours, and a three minute sketch of a conch shell.

    5: Tonal Values, Using Colour And Black And White
    How to achieve shapes using tonal values and shadows, sketches of a bowl of fruit in charcoal, a fish in acrylic and a stall in watercolour.

    DISC 2

    6: Sketching Moving Objects - People And Animals
    How to sketch moving objects. Sketches include Changing of The Guard, people leaving church and flamingos, plus a three minute sketch of a policeman under a canopy in Nassau.

    7: Sketching In Pen And Ink
    The famous Straw Market in Nassau is the location for this programme. Sketches include a basket stall, a woman weaving and a man carving, all using pen and ink. Also, a three minute sketch of a straw hat.

    8: Sketching Animals In Different Media
    How to observe. Sketches include a parrot on Alwyn's head in felt-tip, fish thirty feet under the sea in pencil, biro and watercolour, and iguanas and stingrays in conte crayons.

    9: Sketching In Pastels - Hard And Soft
    A green cocktail, a bowl of exotic fruit and some hibiscus flowers are the subjects of sketches using pastels. Plus, a three minute pencil sketch of a boat.

    10: Sketching For Pleasure - Four Demonstrations
    In the final programme, Alwyn and June choose some favourite subjects: A tug and Nassau's colonial library in watercolour, a fisherman's dock in pencil and some palm trees on Pink Sands beach.

    Format: DVD (Region 0)
    Language: English
    Duration: 250 minutes

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    • Informative&Interesting - Crawshaw's Sketching & Drawing Course DVD

      Got a lot of tips from this one. Raymond Dyson (Wakefield, United Kingdom) on 9 Aug 2019
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