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Cotman Brush Wallet (4 Brushes)

    A convenient plastic wallet contains 3 Series 111 water colour brushes (sizes 1, 4 & 6) and a 3/8" Series 666 one stroke brush.

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    • Good Brushes

      I have always been a professional artist and after trying every brush on the market I come back to these again and again. I paint everything from numbers on steam locomotives with gloss paint, oils, acrylic and lots of different watercolour media. These brushes just take it all, treatment that no brush should be subjected to. Not just for the sometime painter. This set is an incredibly good deal as I can pay £9 in a local shop just for the bigger one. Annie Davenport (Bath, United Kingdom) on 15 Jul 2016
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    • Great starter set

      In my opinion I think these are good value for what they are intended to be used for and are great starter set for anybody who is about to learn watercolour painting Robert (North Wootton) on 7 Apr 2008
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    • Good - Cotman Brush Wallet

      Very good and useful selection for the less zealous watercolour painter Carolyn Welch (Nr Oakham, United Kingdom) on 17 Apr 2016
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