Colour Shaper Pastel Set

This unique assortment of pastel tools are selected by professional artists, making a wide range of exciting effects possible. Each pack contains a taper point and flat chisel colour shaper plus a fan brush and blender brush.

Available in 2 sizes, Size 2 and Size 6.

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Size 6 Set Product Code: CSH15900
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Size 2 Set Product Code: CSH15902
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User Reviews

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  • Very useful and happy I got these

    I bought the two different sized sets, 2 and 6, both perform equally well, the shapers feel very light and are of sturdy construction, the filaments of the fans are synthetic, and stay in place, the pastel card surface doesnt abrade them very much, and they are useful for more definitive blending and shaping and making semi-circles, not only for foliage
    The #6 brush blender is my favorite, blends as smudges, but much more neatly than using fingers
    The round and flat silicone tips are thick and carefully shaped,
    The round tip can be used for pushing the chalk as a pencil and for stippling
    The flat tip is good for making streaks, and adding a little bit of shadow under clouds
    These tools are well constructed and easy to clean, will last a long time
    Every pastel artist should have both sets
    The tips and brush parts are attached to the short, lightweight handle by a smooth metal ferrule
    Clean easily with a little brush soap and water, then dry with a paper towel
    Adds value to pastel drawings by enaing the artist to push the limits of the chalk a little further
    I compared them to my oil and watercolor brushes, and they are designed differently, they are not a typical brush
    Each set of 4 comes in a plastic holder
    Great value and excellent possibilities for creativity
    Very happy to have them Alexis Moore (Miami, USA) on 7 Jan 2018
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  • A good collection in one pack - Colour Shaper Pastel Size 2 Set

    A variety of tools I will use Jan Hall (HARTLEPOOL, United Kingdom) on 13 Jul 2012
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  • great product - Colour Shaper Pastel Size 2 Set

    good selection Julie Read (Sheerness, United Kingdom) on 27 Feb 2016
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