Classic Wesson Watercolour with Steve Hall DVD

Following the success of his first Town House Films DVD - 'Watercolour the Wesson Way' - Steve Hall Returns to show you in detail how watercolour master Edward Wesson (1910 - 1983) painted some of his classic views, including Morston church in Norfolk, The Silent Pool and Thames sailing barges at Pin Mill.

Steve takes five original Wessons from his own extensive collection and paints his own pictures of similar themes inspired by the Wesson originals. This DVD is shot in a teaching studio with Steve working mostly from photographs and sketches so you can see every brushstroke in five full demonstrations.

This DVD is a must for Wesson fans.

Duration: 120 mins
Format: English, PAL DVD

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  • No subtitles

    This DVD looks brilliant but to people like myself and many others who have hearing problems it is useless without sub-titles, why is that dvd producers think so little of hearing impaired artists? Mr S.Bielby (HULL) on 13 Feb 2009

    Ken Bromley's replies: In reply to Mr Bielby - it's not that we "think so little" of hearing impaired people it's all a matter of cost. Putting sub-titles on DVDs is a long laborious and costly business and we simply would not sell enough of them to cover the costs. I wish it was otherwise. -Malcolm Allsop, Townhouse Films

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  • Really enjoyed

    I really enjoyed this DVD. Steve is a great tutor and I liked very much his free style. In general I thought the production values of the DVD were very high, clear picture and good lighting, with mostly good close up detail. However, two points:

    1) I didn't like the cut away shots to the flowers, when we should have been watching Steve paint. There were times when I really wanted to see how he painted a sky, but couldn't see it.

    2) Instead of cutting away to the sketch or photograph, which means we miss some of what Steve is doing, might I suggest you have a small thumbnail image somewhere in the top corner of the screen. That way we can see the image and still see what Steve is doing. Also, there were a few too many quick shots from different angles, which irritated me. Many thanks David Dickinson (Huddersfield) on 5 Nov 2009
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