Caran d'Ache Spirit of the Forests A4 Colouring Book

The Caran d'Ache Spirit of the Forests (L’Esprit des Forêts) A4 Colouring Book includes 25 illustrations inspired by nature created by artist Ambre Verschaeve. It is ideal for use with all Caran d'Ache colouring materias including dry or water-soluble pencils, Neocolor Pastels, Fibralo pens and gouache.

This luxurious colouring book is filled with exclusive line illustrations celebrating our planet's most attractive forests. Delve into patterns inspired by the flora and fauna of northern latitudes, temperate Mediterranean climates and tropical environments. Focusing on plants, animals and natural curiosities, these colouring pages will take you on a soothing nature inspired journey full of rolling countryside, dense foliage, butterflies, flamingos, flowers and fruits.

L’Esprit des Forêts is not only an inspiring colouring book, but also an educational tool. This book includes art tips, colouring techniques, DIY inspirations and areas for you to create your own charts and wheels to explore colour theory. Step-by-step advice guides you through how to make the most of your colouring techniques to encourage free reign on your creativity!

This book is printed on FSC approved paper.

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L’Esprit des Forets (Spirit of the Forests) A4 Colouring Book Product Code: 0454802
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