Carabelle Studio Art Printing Texture Plate Street Art

The Carabelle Studio Art Printing Texture Plate Street Art is a circular printing plate with a 16.5cm diameter. It features a decorative round design by artist Sally Lynn MacDonald.

Art Printing Texture Plates are unmounted rubber stamping blocks that can be used with inks and gel plates to create monoprinted patterns, motifs and textures in your fine art and craft projects. The designs on each plate can be used to enhance sketchbook pages or add interest to cards and mixed media art. Incredibly versatile, these plates can be used with all kinds of stamping dyes, inks and paints - and open up a whole new world of texture in printmaking.

Each texture is flexible, easy to clean, durable and reusable. Clean with soap and water.

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Art Printing Texture Street Art (16.5cm round) Product Code: APRO60021
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