Brusho Thickener 100gsm

Brusho colours can be thickened with Brusho thickener. It can then be applied in glazes of colour, used as a printing medium and added to other acrylic mediums. Also works well with resist techniques which is the use of the incompatibility of two mediums to create layered effects with colour and texture. 

To use Brusho thickener, sprinkle 20gms into 600ml of water and stir to avoid lumps.  Leave for 24 hours to disolve completely. It is then ready to use.

This package contains a 100g bag.

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  • Great product - Brusho Thickener 100gsm

    Can be messy, however i believe that is more down to my novice status than to the product. It does exactly as it specifies. Annie Johnson (Blunham, United Kingdom) on 27 Feb 2017
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  • Interesting and fun! - Brusho Thickener 100gsm

    Useful for a variety of techniques! Krong-Malin Karlsson (Orsa, Sweden) on 6 Oct 2016
    1 of 2 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no

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