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Bob Ross New Joy of Painting

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Since 1983, Bob Ross has been television's favourite artist. His Joy of Painting show captures higher ratings than any other art program in history, year after year. Bob's quick painting style and easy, encouraging manner reach millions of viewers around the world each day.
His third book - New Joy of Painting - is now available in paperback , containing another sixty of his favourite landscape paintings. Each is presented in full colour, along with written instructions and detailed black and white how-to photographs. Now you really can complete your very own beautiful masterpiece - you can do it.

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Why not paint? I think everyone should paint. If it does nothing else, painting will open your eyes to this magnificent world around us that we seem to take for granted. Once you start painting landscapes, never again will you look at a tree in the same way - for the first time you will see shape and form, light and shadow. You will see through new eyes the majesty of a mountain, the crashing of an ocean wave, the stateliness of a fir tree. The elements of nature will be seen in a whole new way... The instructions in the book and a little dedicated practice are your passage to a great new world.

Remember, there is no failure, only learning," says author Annette Kowalski. "As I've heard Bob Ross say a thousand times, I hope you never create a painting that you're totally satisfied with, for it's this dissatisfaction that will create the motivation necessary for you to start your next painting, armed with the knowledge you acquired from the previous one.

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  • Disappointing - Bob Ross New Joy of Painting

    I like Bob Ross videos, but was disappoited in the book. Too much of the same thing. Lynne Longman (Ilminster, United Kingdom) on 21 Aug 2012
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