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Bob Ross Floral Brush - Three Quarter Inch Bright

    All of the brushes in the Bob Ross Floral range have pure, natural bristles which have been specifically designs to work seamlessly with Bob Ross Floral Oil Colours

    The brush head is made of pure, soft but stable bristles, ideal for creating everything from the tiniest blooms to big, bright petals. The The ¾” Floral brush can be used to apply background mediums and colours or can be used to paint very large flowers. It is ideal for creating large, double-wide tapered leaves, such as those of the Iris.

    PLEASE NOTE Bob Ross brushes and knives must be cleaned with the Bob Ross Odourless Thinner, turps or Bob Ross Brush Conditioner & Cleaner only.  Do not use water as it can reduce the life of the brushes and palette knives.

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