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Beyond Watercolour

    Take your watercolours to another level.

    Chris Forsey is a dynamic and inspiring watercolour artist and a member of the prestigious Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour. In this DVD he shows how to raise your watercolours from the ordinary to something altogether more exciting and colourful. Chris teaches how to add other water based media to your watercolour such as acrylic and acrylic ink to create the most amazing effects. There are four full demonstration on this DVD. 

    Duration: 98 mins approx
    Format: English, PAL DVD

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    • JUST BUY IT!!!

      This is without any doubt, the best art DVD I have bought to date. If you are a watercolourist, buy it! If you are into acrylics, buy it! If you are into mixed media, buy it! Very refreshing and yet simple. I'm also happy to report that the film is very well produced and there's not a hint of harp music in sight! :-) Thomas Mcquiggan (Bolton, United Kingdom) on 19 Apr 2013
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    • Creative Imagination and colour palette. - Beyond Watercolour

      Nice combination of mixed media and spotaneity, lively demonstrations and light hearted presentation.Full of confidence and positive vibration. Fun even to watch. Christy Danielles (Ayrshire, United Kingdom) on 23 Nov 2012
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    • Excellent video delivered with speed and precision - Beyond Watercolour

      This is a very good video if your interest is in being more adventurous with art materials. This does indeed go beyond watercolour and is exactly what I was looking for. Delivery was promised between 1037 and 1137 on 5th December and was made on the 5th at 1042. Can't do better than that. Les Bothwell (Alton, United Kingdom) on 18 Dec 2012
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