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We Brilliance Squared!
The new LightPad® PRO1200™ and LightPad® PRO1700™ by Artograph bring together all the dream features of the ultimate arts and crafts light box in a sleek and innovative shape.

With variable brightness up to a blazing 11,000 lux, strong enough to shine through 300lb. paper, and fabric, the LightPad® PRO adds a colour temperature adjustment to bring projects into their natural colour from a warm to cool white. Changing colour temp highlights different tonal qualities in your artwork.

Designed for easy use with a T-square, the LightPad® PRO features a tempered glass cutting surface.

The UV-free light is safe for the eyes, and no-fade safe for archival photos and documents.

Capacitive touch controls save settings from use to use. Long-life LEDs never need to be changed.

The comfortably curved edge is ergonomically friendly, while the smooth bottom makes the LightPad® PRO a pleasure to use on your lap or work-table.

The new LightPad® PRO is made in the USA by Artograph, the company you trust for quality tools for artists since 1947.

LightPad® PRO1200™ 12 in x 12 in / 305mm x 305mm
LightPad® PRO1700™ 17.5 in x 17.5 in / 445mm x 445mm
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We have tested the LightPad Pro and here are our comments:-

A very high quality Lightpad.  Adjustable light temperature and light intensity means it is very versatile and can be used even in well-lit rooms.

Tested with 90lb (200gsm) paper, 140lb (300gsm) paper, 200lb (425gsm) and 300lb (640gsm) paper.

If using 200lb (425gsm) or heavier, it would be advisable to have a darker room and use on full luminosity for best results. 

Robust, with a bright but not blinding light.  Comes with accessories including a protective storage bag and removable PadPucks which can be used to raise the LightPad if being used at an angle. 

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  • Adjustable colour temperature from 3000K-6200K, warm to cool white
    Colour Temperature - Original
    Colour Temperature - Warm Colour Temperature - Cool 
  • Variable brightness from 500 to 5500 lux with colour temperature adjustment
  • MAX brightness a blazing 11,000 lux at a fixed colour temperature of 4600K
  • Tempered glass cutting surface
  • Edge designed for T-square use
  • UV-free light safe for eyes and archival photos and documents
  • Settings memory saves brightness and colour temp
  • Shines through 300lb (640gsm) cold-pressed watercolour paper
  • Square shape to fit any size or orientation
  • Curved-edged frame for ergonomic ease
  • Smooth base for lap comfort
  • Capacitive touch controls
  • Thin, sturdy design
  • Long-life 50,000 hour LEDs
  • UK 3 pin electric plug.
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