Artists' Brush Tub

Strong lightweight plastic pot, with lid, for storage and washing brushes of different sizes. The tub is 16.5 cm diameter and 9cm deep.

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  • Just the job

    I fill my brush tub with white spirit for cleaning alkyd paint from my brushes, and the internal ridges do the cleaning very well. The lid fits snugly and so far none has evaporated or spilled. The holes round the rim keep my working brushes exactly where I need them. I shall be buying a couple more for watercolours and acrylics. Andrew Snowdon (Helston, United Kingdom) on 27 Dec 2012
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  • Well constructed - Artists' Brush Tub

    Useful water pot to keep your brushes clean whilst painting, very stable. Stephen Leatherland (Worcester, United Kingdom) on 9 May 2012
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  • Practical and eay to clean - Artists' Brush Tub

    Love it, very practical and handy. Piotr Postol (Naas, Republic Of Ireland) on 15 May 2012
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