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Artisan Thinner

    Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour has a specific Thinner for the range. The purpose of Artisan is to be able to avoid the use of hazardous solvents. Although water is suitable as a diluent for the colour, its speedy evaporation can make the colour thicken upon the palette much quicker than conventional oil colour would when used with turpentine.

    To help with this we have developed a Thinner to dilute Artisan colours. This can be used instead of water or combined with it. It also provides a more oily consistency which is preferred by some painters and as it does not form an emulsion wth the colour there is less colour change than there would be when using water.

    Thinner can be combined with Artisan oils to make your own mediums. To ensure that you avoid over thinning the colour, Thinners should be combined with any Artisan medium for very dilute uses.

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    • artisan thinners does,nt cloud when cleaning brushes mixes readily

      Artisan thinners are excellent, use in dipper as you would turpentine but no fumes. Artisan thinners don't cloud when brush is dipped in and mixes readily with artisan oils. A delight to use, oil painting without noxious smell. gerard burns (Belfast n.i.) on 31 May 2012
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    • Great product - Artisan Thinner 75ml

      Well worth a try and works exactly like traditional thinner without the stink! David Molloy (Rossendale,, United Kingdom) on 16 Apr 2012
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    • Excellent thinner

      Having used oils for years, mostly in layer technique, I find the Artisan thinner for Artisan Water Mixable oils excellent. In use it feels and acts just theWater Mixable Oils, this thinner feels right, and there's less worry about changing the colour tone and value when thinned down base layer or the first layer of a painting. To me, Artisan thinner is worth buying. Catherine Smith (FALKIRK, United Kingdom) on 9 Oct 2016
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