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Amsterdam Acrylics Standard Series primary set

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Acrylic colours are a quick-drying paint based on 100% acrylic resin (a synthetic dispersion). When applying acrylic colours thinly and/or thinned with water, a watercolour effect can be obtained. Usually, however, acrylic colours are applied thickly and the result appears like that of oil colours. Many artists prefer acrylic colours because acrylic colours dry much more quickly than oil colours and are practically odourless.

This paint has a very high level of lightfastness, thanks to the use of pure and non-fading pigments,  Even after several decades the work of art retain their original colour.  Alkali resistant, and consequently suitable for wall paintings.

Contents: 5 x 120 ml tubes (Titanium White, Primary Yellow, Primary Magenta, Primary Cyan and Black Oxide)

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The three primary colours are strong and vivid, yet have a good level of transparency for mixing and creating a wide variety of colours from just 3 colours.  Ideal for glazing techniques and a good level of flow for easy application.  The Black is very opaque with great coverage, whereas the Titanium White is semi-opaque compared to other brands so allows for more controlled mixing of greys and tints. (Terry Willis)

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