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Acrylic Gold Size

    Water based gold size ready to gild on in about 15 minutes, but will remain open indefinitely. For use with schlag metal, gold leaf and bronze powders. Use over a non-porous surface or one that has been sealed with shellac varnish.

    Acrylic gold size is only suitable for indoor use. For outdoor use please use the Japan Gold Size Adhesive.

    Available in 60ml jar.

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    • Excellent Product - Acrylic Gold Size 60ml

      This gesso like bonding material is perfect for what I use it for. We use it as a gesso like material for bonding gold to parchment. Low odour, easy to apply. Well worth the money. Thomas Barnes (Leeds, United Kingdom) on 23 Mar 2012
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    • Really like this material

      I don't agree with the previous reviewer (Illuminatio Mea). I really like this material. I think it depends on what you use it for. I use it when I work with chine colle and etchings. I use a fine spray of it onto the thin Japanese papers. I then spray it with a fine spray of water and let it sit while I get my etching ready on the press. Depending on how long all the pieces have been sitting I may then redamp the fine chine colles and place them carefully onto the etching plate with the print paper on top. I then put it all through the press.

      In general it gives excellent results but you have to make sure the Japanese papers are kept damp as well as sticky with the glue and allow for stretching. Because the glue remains sticky for a long period of time you can get a 'production line' going when editioning. Pat (Scotland) on 31 Jul 2009
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    • Impossible to burnish work done with this material

      This product is described as remaining 'open' i.e.tacky, indefinitely. This is an advantage in that the laying on of the gold can be done at leisure, but it means that the job remains sticky for weeks rather than hours. I found it impossible to burnish work done with this material.

      I have found that Winsor & Newton's Galeria Acrylic Gloss Medium, though not specifically designed for this purpose, is a much more effective adhesive for gilding. Cover the area with a thin coating - wait 5 minutes - brush over a very little more, to set up an even semi-matte surface - wait 5 minutes - apply leaf. Can't go wrong! Illuminatio Mea (Cornwall) on 18 Nov 2008
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