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Abstract Painting by Petra Tholken

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Abstract Painting by Petra Thölken includes 20 creative painting projects that will help develop your abstract painting skills in acrylic and mixed media. Petra's book is both practical and inspiring and looks at all the steps of creating an abstract work of art.

Abstract Painting guides artists through the subjects of compositon, planes, subject and expression while also looking at materials and techniques. Petra includes instruction of colour theory, colour mixing, woring with pigments, priming your canvas, using palette knives and spatulas and working with unconventional backgrounds. Each of these elements help build up your knowledge of abstract painting so you can explore your own creativity.

This books includes 20 projects with step by step instruction that will teach you how to build up texture, work with unusual tools and create soft transitions or high contrast. Her inspirational advice will open your eyes to a whole new way of approaching painting and self-expression that will ultimately lead to more visually exciting and technically innovative work. Some projects also reference Petra's popular youtube videos to demonstrate how she creates a painting from scratch.

128 page Paperback. 216 x 280mm


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  • 10 Pigment
  • 12 Acrylic
  • 13 Binding agent
  • 14 Traditional colour theory
  • 16 Mixing in practice
  • 17 Making pigment paste
  • 18 Composition
  • 19 Planes
  • 20 Subject and expression
  • 22 Brushes
  • 24 Unconventional tools
  • 26 Canvas
  • 27 Priming
  • 28 What is glazing?
  • 29 Spatula techniques
  • 30 Spatula: Exercise 1
  • 32 Spatula: Exercise 2
  • 34 Texture in the picture
  • 36 Emphasizing texture: Exercise 1
  • 38 Emphasizing texture: Exercise 2
  • 40 Sponge
  • 42 Drawing implements
  • 43 Gold plating
  • 44 Unconventional backgrounds
  • 45 Your colours
  • 48 My Japanese Water Lilies
  • 52 Golden Skyline
  • 56 Patina Allure
  • 60 The Golden Rectangle
  • 64 Creative Board
  • 68 What Good Can I Do Myself Today?
  • 72 Give Colour Some Room
  • 76 Inspiring Colour Field Painting
  • 80 Days Like This
  • 84 Wandering into the Distance
  • 88 Flower Interplay
  • 92 Summer Courtyard Whispers
  • 96 Garden Art From Long Ago
  • 100 True Colours
  • 104 Silence is Golden
  • 108 Sailing in a Storm
  • 112 Dreamy Green
  • 116 Overland Cornfield
  • 120 Expressive Abstract
  • 124 Abstract Colour Play
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Petra Thölken knew, even as a child, that she wanted to be an artist. She learned oil painting from scratch and, in her spare time after school, she produced drawings using chalk pastels and pencils, taking her inspiration mostly from nature. Later, as a freelance designer, she designed individual pieces of furniture and soon, entire room concepts for distinguished private individuals. In 1999, in search of a new, larger space as a design and planning office, she struck lucky in the heart of Hanover, Germany with an old factory that also offered space for her current studio. In 2004, she opened a painting school and, in 2015, she created her internationally popular YouTube channel under the name Künstlerstreich. Her work is exhibited internationally and is part of public and private collections.


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