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5-Minute Sketching - Architecture by Liz Steel takes you through some super-quick drawing and sketching techniques that will help you create amazing drawings in just 5 minutes! This book is great for beginners who are looking to draw buildings.

Liz Steel is a professional architect and urban sketcher, so she provides plenty of expert tips in this book. Her inspiring drawings and sketches will help you learn how to 'read' buildings and translate them onto paper. You'll find yourself relishing the challenge of recording everything from urban environments amd domestic spaces to majestic buildings - all in under five minutes! It is a great handbook for artists of all abilities - especially novices and lapsed sketchers - and guides you through the understanding of real-life perspective. Through her instruction, perspective will become instinctive leaving you fully focused on the creative side of drawing - capturing mood, people and activity that will bring the buildings to life! The bite-sized approach of this book demontrates how little time you need to make a quick drawing of everyday life. 

128 page paperback. 170x220 mm

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  • Chapter 1: How to see

    • Find your story, See simple shapes, Outline the basic volumes, Set out the basic structure, Easy measuring, Basic thickness and depth, Nail the eyeline, Simple one-point perspective, Quick tips for foreshortening, Play with distortion, Simple context
  • Chapter 2: Quick on the draw
    • Focus on doors and windows, Simplify details and styles, Have fun with walls, Rapid roof shapes, Simple houses, Capture historic buildings, Easy religious buildings, Quick modern buildings, Rapid tall structures, Simple skylines, Sketch famous landmarks, Capture public spaces, Sketch streetscapes, Simplify shops, cafes and pubs, Capture construction sites, Quick sketch bridges, Simple exterior spaces
  • Chapter 3: Time-saving techniques
    • Work small, Use minimal lines, Rapid restated lines, Try thick lines, Explanatory contour drawing, Map light and dark, Simple tonal values, Shade quickly, Hatch and cross-hatch with speed, Catch the light, Play with contrast, Just use paint, Coloured lines and minimal paint
  • Chapter 4: Speedy supplies
    • Quick ink, Quick pencil, Quick coloured pencil, Quick markers, Quick paint, Quick watercolour pencils, Sketch first, colour later, Play with paper, Go digital for speed, Sketch off the page
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Liz Steel is an artist, teacher, illustrator and architect based in Sydney, Australia. She has 20 years' experience working on residential and commercial projects, specializing in media. She is a fast but accurate sketch artist with a passion for architecture of any era, but especially Baroque buildings.

She has combined her architecture training with many years of urban sketching around the world to develop specific strategies for drawing buildings. Liz teaches sketching courses online at sketchingnow.com and hosts workshops around Australia, where she is the Australia coordinator for the global online community, Urban Sketchers.

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