Winsor & Newton ProMarkers


ProMarker provides streak-free, flat colour, perfect for illustration, graphics, product design and animation. With an unrivalled spectrum of 148 colours, all shades are accounted for, from subtle pastels to strong and vibrant tones. 

The ProMarker range does not bleed and leaves no white flecking, ensuring colour is smooth and consistent. Easy to blend and layer, the non-toxic, alcohol-based ink is translucent, perfect for building opaque colour. 

You can successfully use ProMarker on a variety of ink-resistant surfaces, from paper to acetate, glass, plastic or even wood! Twin-tipped, their high quality nibs provide streak-free coverage in two different thicknesses, with a broad chisel at one end and a fine bullet nib at the other. With their comfortable grip, these professional grade marker pens are a must-have addition to your tool collection.



Each ProMarker is dual nibbed, with a precise bullet tip to one end and a chisel nib to the opposite end. This tip combination makes it quick and easy to add in the finest details or quickly fill in large areas of colour. Combine these with the Brush tip of the BrushMarker and you have a complete set of mark making tools at your disposal! It is important that both caps are kept securely on the pen at all times. If you accidentally leave the marker uncapped for a short period of time (at maximum a couple of hours), replace the cap as soon as possible and allow time for the marker to 'recharge'. Unfortunately, if the pen has been left for more than a couple of hours it may have to be replaced with a new marker.

ProMarkers work seamlessly with the BrushMarker as they contain the same ink formulation. We would also recommend using specially coated marker paper, such as the Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Marker Pad. Bleedproof paper is specially coated to lift ink away from the page, making it easier to work with inks and preventing the ink from bleeding through the pages. If you need to work on softer papers for sketches, etc., try placing a sheet of greaseproof paper behind the sheet you're working on. If you prefer a more heavy weight paper, Bristol Board also works very well with ProMarkers and BrushMarkers.

They are currently available in a range of selection packs of different tones, including four packs of 6 and two packs of 12.

Want to know more about ProMarkers? Read the FAQ to get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


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