Water Colour is the most popular painting method worldwide today.  Its popularity can be largely attributed to the exquisite effects of depth, texture and light which can be achieved from its delicate washes.  It is also attractive for its portability - all you need is a paint box, brush, a sheet of paper and some water!

Essentially, water colour is pigment in a water-soluble medium.  The more water you add, the lighter and more transparent the colour becomes.  If you look at a water colour painting, you will notice that the colours are transparent, and the paper, which is still visible underneath, forms part of the overall effect.

In 1832, a chemist and a painter, William Winsor and Henry Newton, set up a business with a new invention - moist water colour.  This is what has become known as pan colour today.  On perfecting the metal tube in 1841, moist water colour in tubes quickly followed.
Today, due to its unrivalled excellence, Artists' Water Colour from Winsor & Newton is used by more artists around the world than any other brand!  In fact, the company owes much of its reputation for the supreme quality of its products to the Artists' Water Colour range.

Professional Water Colours

Professional Water Colours are made from the finest and widest range of pigments with the highest pigment strength and the greatest transparency.

Cotman Water Colours

Cotman Water Colours are a range of moderately priced water colours which have been carefully chosen to offer a wide colour spectrum within a uniform price.  Cotman Water Colour is suitable for amateur artists or those accomplished artists who require larger volumes of colour at an economical price.