Using a Voucher Code

You may have a voucher code for money off, a percentage discount or a free gift. Whichever you have, you activate them all in the same way. Below are instructions on how to use a voucher code.

Example - Voucher for FREE Gift

In the example below, the Voucher code is FREE1 and entitles the customer to a free gift when they spend over £50. (Please note that this voucher code is an example only and is not part of an offer that we are currently running)

Enter the voucher code in the box as shown in the following image, and then click the Activate Voucher button. The free gift will be added to your cart. 

Please note: The voucher code above is an example and is only used for demonstrative purposes; it is not a valid code and is not part of an offer that we are currently running.

Important information for overseas customers: When ordering from abroad, shipping is calculated by size and weight of your order. Sometimes a free gift can add extra weight to your order meaning that the shipping cost is more expensive. If you would rather not have the free gift, please untick the box next to it and it will be removed from your order.

Entering a code for a free gift

Please note that certain voucher codes require that you are logged in to your account. If you are not already logged into your account, you will be asked to do so before proceeding.

When the code is activated it will show the active vouchers as shown below. 

Active vouchers displayed here

For information on using a Gift Voucher or a voucher which credits your account with points, please see Using Gift Vouchers

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