The Isabey Brush Range

Series 6201 Pure Sable Travel Brush

A convenient reversible travel brush made from pure sable.

Series 6222 Pure Sable Liner Brush

Extra long pure sable provides a continuous supply of colour for long fine strokes.

Series 6227z Pure Kolinsky Sable Brush

Isabey Series 6227z Pure Kolinsky Sable Watercolour Brush

Isabey Pure Kolinsky Sable Brushes boast exceptional spring, with a large natural reservoir which holds lots of paint, releasing it onto the painting surface slowly for extra precision and control. They are crafted with the most luxurious hair available, which is seated deep into the nickel ferrule for maximum spring, snap and control. The black lacquered, grey tipped handles are made 'Albata' style, meaning the length is slightly longer and the handle is slightly wider towards the brush. It is an exquisite, top of the line Kolinsky Sable brush, excellent for detailed work.

Size Diameter (mm )

Overall Brush Length (mm )

3/0 0.5 175
2/0 1 175
0 1.2 178
1 1.5 174
2 2 176
3 2.1 180
4 3 186
5 4 194
6 4.5 211
7 5 223
8 5.5 236
10 7 251
12 8 264
14 9 278


Series 6228 Pure Kolinsky Sable Brush

Isabey Series 6228 Pure Kolinsky Sable Watercolour Brush

Isabey's Pure Kolinsky Sable Rounds are made with the longest, densest and most luxourious natural hair. The hair is hand selected during the cold Siberian winters, and the Kolinsky filaments are crafted into the highest precision fine art brushes available. This brush is a slightly fatter-bellied version of the Series 6227z and combines precision with the ability to hold a large quantity of paint, for long or full brush strokes. It has excellent resiliency and springs back to an incredibly sharp point.

The Series 6228 is a beautifully balanced brush with a large belly to provide excellent colour holding capacity and a fine responsive point. The hair in the brush snaps back to its original shape beautifully to reform into a sharp tip and is available in a variety of sizes from 000 to 14.

Series 6229 Miniature Kolinsky Sable Brush

Isabey Series 6229 Pure Kolinsky Sable Watercolour Brush

Pure Kolinsky sable miniature brush is excellent for work that requires extreme detail, precision and control. Only a very short length of hair is exposed from the ferrule, giving it an almost instantaneous snap back to a sharp point.

Series 6234 Squirrel Wash Brush

Petit Gris (Squirrel) hair is the finest natural fibre in the world, with the highest quality squirrel hair being the Kazan variety. The nature of this ultra-fine fibre enables the hairs to be extremely tightly packed into the ferrule, which creates a brush with unsurpassed absorption. These properties make squirrel hair brushes ideal for aplying washes as they can deliver large quantities of colour to paper without the need to return to the colour palette.

The Series 6234 is shaped into a classic French Quill Mop, giving it the fullest capacity for water. Handmade in France in the traditional manner, it is undoubtedly the ultimate wash brush.

This superb wash brush is made from pure Russian Squirrel. It points beautifully and is ideal for 'wet-in-wet' techniques. The size comparisons to an average round brush are as follows:

Isabey Round Brush
0 10
2 12
4 14
6 16
7 20


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