Sample DVD Lessons

Brusho® Positive Trees Exercise



This is one of the first exercises on the Brusho Secrets DVD set. It's designed to get you used to working with Brusho powder and just how little is needed to create stunning colour. Later lessons cover more advanced techniques like working with bleach, wax and ink in order to create a whole variety of eye-catching effects.



Brusho® Figure Painting Demo



This simple figure study shows you how you can apply Brusho over the top of a line drawing to create a colourful, contemporary effect. 



Brusho® Landscape Painting Demo



In this Brusho® landscape demonstration Joanne uses wax resist and a limited palette to create a simple but striking composition. 



Learn more with the Brusho Secrets DVD

Brusho Secrets is the first and only instructional DVD that shows you how to paint stunning, impressionistic watercolours with Brusho paint powder.

On her 2-disc DVD, professional artist Joanne Thomas assumes you're a complete newcomer to Brusho and takes you through her step-by-step method for creating vibrant, unpredictable effects and how to turn those into unique pieces of contemporary art. Here is a list of the lessons that the DVD covers:

DVD Disc 1 - Lessons

Lesson 1 - Introduction Lesson 2 - Working with Brusho
  • Brusho qualities and characteristics
  • The starter pack and the colours
  • How to make your Brusho set last for years
  • The other materials you will need
  • Apple exercise #1
  • Apple exercise #2
  • Apple exercise #3
  • Apple exercise #4
  • Apple exercise #5
  • Apple exercise #6
Lesson 3 - Positive Tree Exercise Lesson 4 - Negative Tree Exercise
  • See the sample video
  • Painting with negative shapes
Lesson 5 - Using Wax Lesson 6 - Using Ink
  • Wax apple exercise
  • Dry stone wall exercise
  • Fence posts exercise
  • Ink apple exercise
  • Simple floral exercise
Lesson 7 - Using Bleach
  • Mark making exercise
  • Bleach apple exercise
  • Simple snow scene exercise

DVD Disc 2 - Lessons

Full Demo 1 - Colourful Cockerel
Full Demo 2 - Eye-Catching Poppy
Full Demo 3 - Line & Wash Landscape
Full Demo 4 - Semi-nude figure

Total runtime: 3 hours on 2 discs
DVD format: NTSC (this will play on 99% of all DVD players in the world)

There are also a selection of downloadable line drawings for all the demonstrations Joanne takes you through on the DVD. These drawings can be easily printed out onto an A4 sheet of paper and traced onto watercolour paper. This allows you to get practising with the Brusho without worrying too much about the drawing stage.

You can also download Joanne's finished pieces as a full colour reference! Download Joanne's Brusho line drawings here.

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