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Reeves was founded in 1766 at a time when art was synonymous with tradition and were a brand that championed creativity. William Reeves' opened his first shop close to St. Paul's Cathedral in London, and the company remains as passionate about art materials today as it was when it was first established over 200 years ago.

Reeves Art Materials offer a comprehensive portfolio of creative tools and aim to simplify and democratise art to make creating accessible to all. Founded over 200 years ago, the company are as dedicated to their products today as they were when the company was first established. The business originally flourished around William Reeves' invention of the moist water colour, which he made and sold from his shop in London. He soon adopted his brother as a business partner and, following his input, Reeves made themselves a firm foundation in the art supplies market. Since then Reeves have looked to guide and inspire every generations' keen creatives.

"Creativity isn't about right or wrong, it is all about expression. Let Reeves help you start your journey."

The extended Reeves' family all contributed to the success of the company, and helped Reeves earn their name as a purveyor of quality artists materials. In the 1860s, the ancestors of the original Reeves founders shifted their focus to the production of more affordable materials specifically formulated for children and beginners. They have continued to expand this range ever since.

The Reeves brand underwent an exciting relaunch in 2017. Following this brand overhaul, Reeves aim to make thei products even more accessible to artists around the world and strive to continue their reputation as a manufacturer of fine entry-level art materials.

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