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Reeves Art Materials Watercolour Range

Reeves Watercolours are made from high-quality, affordable pigments and are a brilliant choice if you are new to watercolour painting. However you blend these carefully curated colours, your passion will stay undiluted!

Reeves Watercolours are the ideal choice if you are looking to get started with watercolour painting and our Reeves watercolour kits contain everything you need to create your first watercolour artwork. Offering bright colour and good lightfastness, these intermixable paints will put a whole spectrum of colour at your fingertips!

Reeves watercolour paint is made up of a quality colour pigment and binder, and can be easily diluted with water to create bright washes of colour. Watercolour is one of the world's oldest painting traditions and is much loved amongst artists for its ability to create both bold and subtle artworks. With Reeves Watercolour sets you put XL possibilities at your fingertips; use them to create layers or paint washes and add texture or transparency on paper or board. Apply your colour straight to wet paper, dilute the paint on your palette and wash onto dry paper or mix and match to create your own unique technique! Choose Reeves watercolours for:

  • A comprehensive range of colours.
  • Use on watercolour or canvas board.
  • Application directly to wet paper or dilute on a palette.
  • Brilliant colour from high quality pigments.
  • Tubed colour for excellent colour control.

Why not try out your Reeves' Watercolours by following this handy little tutorial to re-create this juicy watermelon painting!


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