Reeves Pastels & Crayons

Reeves Art Materials Pastels and Crayons

Sharpen you creative edge with Reeves pastels that are fablous whichever way you look at them. Use them for broad strokes, bold lines, adding detail and even create washes with the water-soluble pastels! They are made to be matched with textured papers and card to create strong, vivid colours that stay vibrant for longer!

Reeves Pastels are made from a colour pigment that is held together with a binder. They have been used ever since the Renaissance and are loved worldwide for their versatility, depth of colour and easy portability.



Reeves Soft Pastel Sets

With Reeves Soft Pastels there is no need to mix with water as they are ideal for dry use and can open up a whole range of creative techniques like feathering, stippling and even scumbling if you are feeling particularly bold! The sides of the pastels can be used to create broad, sweeping strokes, the ends for the creation of sharp and defined lines and the corners can be used to add in the finest of details.

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Reeves Water Soluble Pastel Sets

Reeves also offer a range of Water soluble pastel sets; these pastels are like your favourite crayons but all grown up! Don't worry the fun has grown too! These chunky pastels are a great choice for young artists looking to push the boundaries of colour by really letting loose with their creative technique. They have a smooth and creamy consistency, which makes them easy to blend and mix. Use these pastlels to layer onto card, paper, canvas or board with brilliant colour. These pastels can be used wet, dry or a mixture of the two and are a brilliant way to make the most of your favourite drawing and painting techniques!

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