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Reeves Art Materials Canvas Range

Every work of art starts with a blank canvas. Now there's no need to fear it when the only things to be scared of are frighteningly awesome creative possibilities! So whether you use brushes or palette knives, bring it on boldly and experience the thrill of the fill!

Canvas is a surface not to be feared - offering an incredible way to awaken your artistic spirit and discover endless possibilities of creativity. Reeves Canvases are 100% Cotton, acid-free and double primed, creating a surface that is ready and waiting for any amount of oil or acrylic that you can throw at it! All you will have to do is create your palette of desired colours, dip you brush or palette knife and make the magic happen right before your eyes!

With Reeves canvas there is also no need to worry about stretching your own canvas to a perfect tension! These canvases come pre-stretched across a wooden frame to create a durable painting surface with optimum tension. The surface of each canvas is made from 100% Medium-grain acid-free cotton, making these canvases suited to a variety of oil and acrylic painting applications. Whether you're looking to create the finest details or the thickest layers; these canvases are ready for whatever you throw at them!

Ready for use straight from the box, Reeves Canvases come double primed with gesso; so you needn't worry about preparing the surface before you get straight to painting! Gesso protects the fibres of the canvas as well as your brushes and creates a surface for your paint to adhere to.

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