Reeves Acrylic Paints

Reeves Art Materials Acrylic Paints

Brighten up your creative process with Reeves Acrylics; a pigment-rich, water-based colour that is more than a match for almost any painting surface. Be strong, be vibrant, be daring. But never be ignored!

Reeves Acrylic Paints are highly pigmented to ensure vibrant, luminous colour with good lightfastness. These paints guarantee amateur acrylic artists an easily workable flui consistency and excellent adhesion.

Each of Reeves' Acrylic Paint sets has been carefully picked and curated to combine complementary swatches to give beginners a workable starting palette. All you have to do is select a palette to suit your mood and unleash your creativity using these tempting selections of colours. Use your Reeves Acrylics to:

  • Achieve great results on virtually any surface from canvas to wood,clay, fabric and even metal.
  • Water-based colours that go further and stay stronger for longer.
  • Highly pigmented with a buttery consistency that gives excellent coverage.
  • Choose from a selection of sets that offer a range of different colours to suit you.

Why not try out your Reeves' Acrylics by following this handy little tutorial to create a contemporary looking red pineapple painting!


Reeves Canvases are the perfect companion to your acrylic paints. Take a look at our Reeves Canvas Range to get the ideal for match for your Reeves acrylic paints!

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