In support of our main colour and brush ranges, we offer a comprehensive range of artists' accessory products.

Winsor & Newton's selection of fine quality easels covers requirements both when sketching and in the studio. As with all Winsor & Newton products, unstinting attention to quality ensures excellent products.

Choosing an easel is an important decision for an artist. The choice will vary according to an artists' style, preferred media and quite often space availability. We offer a range of easels to cover all requirements, provide firm support, give long lasting service and above all provide unsurpassed quality expected from Winsor & Newton.

The majority of easels are made from beechwood, however there are a selection of steel and aluminium variants too, as well as a variety of differing styles.

Table Easels

The greatest benefit of a Table Easel is that it creates a workspace from just about any area. Winsor & Newton's range of table easels are portable, lightweight and easy to store.

Sketch Box Easels

Winsor & Newton's Sketch Box easels provide the artist with ample storage to hold a selection of colours, brushes and the beautiful wooden palette included with these easels. Traditionally the sketch box easel has been the complete easel for those who wish to paint outside, although this design is becoming increasingly popular for indoor use.

Sketching Easels

One of the most enduring designs over the past 100 years, Sketching Easels remain the popular choice for light weight outdoor painting. The portability of many of these easels make this a good design choice for those taking evening classes.

Studio Easels

Winsor & Newton's range of Studio Easels is solidly built ensuring stability and durability for the studio artist. The Radial easels are most commonly used in art schools and are also popular with painters with studio spaces.

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