Bob Ross Brushes

Master the Bob Ross wet-in-wet Oil Painting technique with these specially designed brushes. These brushes are tailor made to fit seamlessly with the demonstrations seen in the Bob Ross videos, and will have you replicating his technique in no time!

The Bob Ross Brush Range features a selection of brushes that have been specifically designed to be the perfect partner to the Bob Ross Oil Colour range. These specially designed brushes are made from durable natural bristles and have been shaped to Bob's very precise specifications. Each shape and size has been carefully manufactured to make the Bob Ross painting program as simple and easy to replicate as possible; they will have you well on your wat to mastering Bob's wet-on-wet painting technique!

Please note that all Bob Ross brushes MUST be cleaned with Bob Ross Odourless Thinner or Turpentine only. Do not use water to clean them as it can reduce the useable life of the brushes.

Bob Ross Floral Brushes

The Bob Ross Floral brush range complements the Bob Ross Floral Oil Colour Range. Bob Ross Floral Oils are slightly softer in their formulation and the Floral brushes can be used to work it to its full potential. All brushes in this range have pure, natural bristles which are soft enough for Bob's floral painting technique, yet durable enough to withstand prolonged use. There are a total of five brushes in this range, with every shape and size needed to paint the largest flowers to the smallest blooms.

Floral - 1/2" Bright

Bob Ross Floral 1/2

The brush head is made of pure, soft but stable bristles arranged into a 'bright' profile. This brush can be used flat or on its edge to create flowers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Along with the Floral Filbert brush, the 1/2" Bright brush is a staple of the Bob Ross Floral Oil Painting technique.

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Floral - 3/4" Bright

Bob Ross Floral 3/4

Made from durable natual bristles, the 3/4" Bright brush can be used to paint anything from the tiniest buds to the biggest blooms. Use this brush to apply background mediums or colours and to create very large flowers. It is the ideal brush to use if you want to create largem double-wide tapered leaves, such as those of the Iris.

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Floral - Filbert

Bob Ross Floral Filbert Oil Painting Brush

Along with the Floral 1/2" Bright, the Filbert is a staple of the Bob Ross Floral Oil Painting technique. This filbert brush is flat in profile, and the bristles curve inwards to form a fine point. The rounded edges of the brush are ideal for creating the curve of a petal, and even for blending colours.

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Floral - Round

Bob Ross Floral Round Oil Painting Brush

The Bob Ross Floral Round Brush is small and precise. The soft, natural bristles work with you to create the finest of details.

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Floral - #4 Fan

Bob Ross Floral Fan Oil Painting Brush

The #4 Fan can be used to blend and soften areas of your painting, whether it be in the background or on the smallest of petals.

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Bob Ross Landscape Brushes

Bob Ross Landscape brushes are special brushes made from natural bristles that are shaped according to the Bob Ross Landscape painting method. And remember, ordinary hog or synthetic brushes are not the same! Although their shapes and sizes will appear similar, they have not been designed to work seamlessly with the Bob Ross technique and will not produce the same effects.

1" Landscape Brush

The 1" Landscape Brush is one of four large landscape brushes most commonly used with the Bob Ross Wet-on-wet oil painting technique. This brush is the idea choice if you're looking to apply Liquid White/Black/Clear, paint clouds, skies, water, mountains, trees, bushes and numerous other effects with surprising detail.

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2" Background Brush

This is perhaps the most well known of the Bob Ross brushes. The 2" Background brush is handy enough to create all the effects that the 1" Landscape brush is used for, yet large enough to cover large areas very rapidly.

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1" Round Foliage Brush

The 1" Round Foliage Brush is another addition to the large Bob Ross brush family. This brush can be used for a variety of applications and techniques. Use it to create numerous additions to your paintings including clouds, foothills, trees and bushes. Combining this brush with the other large brushes, you will save brush washing time and lessen the amount of paint used.

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2" Soft Blender Brush

The 2" Soft Blender Brush makes it possible now, like never before, to achieve all of those soft, delicate, subtle areas so often found in landscapes and seascapes. Use it to create skies with soft, wispy clouds, the misty base of mountains, background trees and even waterfalls. In seascapes, the 2" blender is especially effective for blending the transparency or 'eye' of a large wave.

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Halfsize Round Brush

The Halfsize Round brush is ideal for creating beautifully shaped trees, bushes and foliage.

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1" Oval Brush

The 1" Oval Brush is primarily used for making evergreen trees and foothills and for highlighting trees and bushes.

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#3 Fan Blender Brush

The small #3 Fan Brush is used to paint all of the same spectacular effects that the larger #6 fan brush creates, but it is able to achieve a lot more detail. With careful devotion and practice you will be amazed at the wealth of amazing effects you can create with this brush.

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#6 Fan Blender Brush

The #6 Fan Blender can be used to create clouds, mountains, tree trunks, foothills, boats, soft grassy areas and many other beautiful effects.

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#2 Script Liner Brush

The Bob Ross #2 Script Liner brush features a brush tip made up of long fibres. These long filaments come to a fine point, making this brush an excellent choice for those looking to create long, consistent lines.

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#6 Bristle Filbert Brush

The #6 Bristle Filbert Brush is used most commonly for seascapes and can also be used for tree trunks and other small detail work.

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