Ken Bromley Art Supplies Cover Competition

Voting has now closed for this year's cover competition.

Voting has now closed for our Cover Competition 2015! Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition, and to all who cast a vote. We'll be announcing the winner in early September. Until then, you can still browse the shortlist gallery below.

Alan Bickley

Alan Kingwell

Ali Coulter

Alison Perkins

Anthony Douglas-Jones

Anthony Taylor

Arthur Moore

Barbara Lane

Ben Cook

Bev Herridge

Brenda Greenaway

Carolyn Barker

Cherry Lyons

Chris Hallam

Christine Ashford

Christine Bleny

Christopher Halliwell

Claire Zerfahs

Clare Davis

Claudia Slaney

Coralie Foster

David Briggs

David Golding

Dawn Read

Derek Cox

Dermod Ruddock

Dieter Wystemp

Don James

Doris Jung-Rosu

Doug Hughes-Williams

Elaine Skidmore

George Burch

George Horsfield

George O'Neill

Gill Brook

Gina Emmett

Gloria Shilling

Heather Gould

Heather Withers

Helen Kaminsky

Ian Rousell

James Johnston

Jan Palini

Jan Rossington

Jane Disney

Jane Strugnell

Jeanette Powell

Jennifer Alsop

Jenny Le Blique

Jill Healing

Joanne Duncan

Joe Weston

Julia Skinner

Kate Stone

Kay Ashton

Kay Wallbanks

Kelly Standish

Kevin Donaldson

Kim Thompson

Laraine Healey

Laura Gill

Lesley Smith

Linda Powell

Lisa Bartlett

Liz Dulley

Lorraine Durant

Louise Naimian

Maggie Riordan 1

Marilyn Allis

Martha Downs

Martin Leighton

Mary Dodd

Mary Lapworth

Maureen Davis

Melanie Peacham

Michael Carrington

Michael Coates

Michael Tapper

Nic McLean

Pam Gallaway

Paul Charman

Pauline Spicer

Peter Chapple

Peter Sherborne

Peter Tinkler

Peter Williams

Rita Chang

Robert Sawtell

Rodney Locks

Rosalind Russell

Ruth Buchanan

S Jamison

Sharon Douglas

Stephen Shaw

Steve Smith

Suzie Nichols

Tina Bone

Tracy-Ann Marrison

Tutis Kripas


Wendy Foster