White Nights Whole Pans

Ken Bromley Art Supplies stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

In response to the ongoing invasion by Russian forces, we have taken the decision to stop selling the Russian made paint range White Nights. We have removed it from sale on our website and shop and it will be unavailable to buy until further notice.

Formerly known as St Petersburg, White Nights Watercolours are professional quality, liquid-poured, semi-moist, whole pan watercolours manufactured in the St Petersburg factory. Available individually or in a set of 12 , set of 24 or a set of 36.

Please note that the colour WK513 has recently been renamed by the White Night Paint company to Azure.  We are currently naming that colour Blue ( Azure) on our web site, so customers who had the Blue can see that there is a change to the name.

These whole pans measure approximately:

  • 2.9cm long
  • 1.7cm depth
  • 0.9cm height

Download the White Nights Watercolour Paint Colour Chart.

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  • White Nights every time.

    One individual has suggested that White Nights might not be best grade professional quality! He must be joking - I prefer them to Old Holland and price is not a factor in my choice. If you add price into the reckoning, who would ever buy any other brand? White Nights every time. Harry Bendelow (Wales) on 31 Dec 2009
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  • Amazing pan watercolours

    I have just discovered these amazing pan watercolours, as far as pan colours go they are the best by quite some distance. The fact is you have the convenience of the pan format with the quality of artist's tube paints, unless someone comes up with something much better then I shall continue to use them. Raymond Smith (Spalding Lincs) on 21 Apr 2010
    36 of 36 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
  • Very Pleased

    Lovely paints.

    I really wanted to try these paints for a while, but needed half-pans which White Nights don't do. (They don't do tubes either). Eventually went for it on the basis I'd work something out.

    Anyway, managed to chop these in half and try the paint out - bit messy and awkward but I'm glad I took the plunge. So don't be put off if whole pans aren't good for you.

    Strong vibrant colour with a good mix of transparency and opacity and a very smooth, creamy texture in the pan.

    And for the price - amazing! Sharon Overy (Bury St. Edmunds, United Kingdom) on 27 Jun 2012
    9 of 9 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no

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