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MaimeriBlu 15ml Artists Watercolours


    In order to ensure that the product is not adulterated with additives or artificial processes which would alter its genuine quality, Maimeri still performs a number of stages in preparation of individual pans by traditional manual methods. Thus the purity of formula and composition that is the true quality of these watercolours is preserved.

    In designing the palette of 72 colours, preference was given to the pigments offering the greatest transparency, without prejudice, attempting to achieve topcolour quality and lightfastness in the simplest possible way. 52 colours are pure, consisting of a single pigment bound with authentic top quality gum-arabicfrom Sudan and distilled water. The clear, fresh tone of watercolour painting is the result of the exceptional clarity of the colours. Pure. Simple. Extraordinarily transparent. Like all MaimeriBlu colours.

    Please note: This range is being replaced shortly.  These colours are available while stocks last.


    Colour lightfastness, opacity and compostion can be found by hovering the mouse pointer over the colours below.

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    Cobalt Green Deep
    Cobalt Green Deep
    RRP: £18.56
    Price: £13.00
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    • Colour Code: 317
    • Transparency: Opaque
    • Lightfastness: Highest lightfastness
    • Components: Cobalt-Titanium Oxides PG50
    Cobalt Green Deep
    Permanent Orange
    Permanent Orange
    RRP: £10.56
    Price: £7.39
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    • Colour Code: 110
    • Transparency: Transparent
    • Lightfastness: Highest lightfastness
    • Components: Benzimidazolone PO62
    Permanent Orange

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    • So pleased I finally got around to buying some!

      MaimeriBlu are super paints. Real quality. I started out by going for some of the more unusual colours (along with Payne's Grey as I love its blueish tone.) I would recommend the following for starters in this range: Dragon's Blood, Avignon Orange, Garnet Lake, Tiziano Red, Transparent Mars, Transparent Mars Red and then maybe build up a larger working palette from there. For sure, MaimeriBlu are worth every penny of the outlay as they are beautiful paints and are economically long lasting. Jay Farmer (UK) on 25 Aug 2013
      28 of 28 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
    • They're all Brilliant

      These tubes are packed with paint and very little filler. The colour range is superb and they are well worth the money. Jay Farmer (UK) on 25 Aug 2013
      25 of 25 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
    • Some of the best!

      These watercolors are often difficult to find and expensive in the US and I had only tried a few. I am so glad that Ken Bromleys sells these now....I will slowly expand my collection. These are wonderful watercolors and if you have not tried them you should! Tracie Embro (Gainesville, USA) on 3 May 2013
      19 of 19 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no