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Winton Oil Brushes

    Winton brushes have a natural bristle developed for use with Winton Oil Colour but suitable for use with any oil or acrylic paint. Made from good quality Chinese hog bristles, Winton Hog brushes are interlock constructed and hand-set into seamless corrosion-resistant ferrules. The bristles’ natural curve is retained even after heavy use, allowing more control and accuracy, whether painting with oils or acrylics. Read more about Winton oil brushes.

    Handles: Available with long handles 
    Head shapes: Short Flat/Bright, Flat, Round, Filbert, Fan

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    Winton Hog Short Flat (Bright) Oil Brushes

    4 reviews

    The most popular shape which produces bold, defined marks expected from a flat brush. The shorter bristles give greater control. Green stained and laq

    from £3.80

    Winton Hog Long Flat Oil Brushes

    7 reviews

    The longer bristle length gives greater spring and freer marks. Used with more fluid colour. Green stained and lacquered handles.

    from £3.80

    Winton Hog Round Oil Brushes

    6 reviews

    The smaller sizes for detailed lines and highlights.

    from £3.80

    Winton Hog Filbert Oil Brushes

    5 reviews

    The oval edge combines the control of the short flat with the softer edges of the round. Green stained and lacquered handles.

    from £3.80

    Winton Hog Fan Oil Brushes

    6 reviews

    Originally used for blending colours on the canvas and now popular for stippling and graining effects.

    from £4.40

    Winton Hog Brush Set Wallet

    3 reviews

    A selection of Winsor & Newton Winton Hog brushes.