William Mitchell

William Mitchell Calligraphy is a British based company who have been producing exceptional pens for nearly 200 years specialising in dip pens and calligraphy.

The company began in the 1820s when brothers William and John Mitchell worked toghter making pen nibs. Eventurally William Mitchell started his own company befoming a leading manufacturer of nibs for lettering pens. A hundred years later, William Mitchell merged with anoter pen manufacturer, Hinks, Wells & Co to form British Pens. In the 1960s British Pens acquired other pen manufacturers, including the company William's brother John had started. They also acquired Joseph Gilott - a company famous for their artist drawing and mapping nibs. 

William Mitchell now supply a range of dip pens, nibs, pen holdersinks and accessories.

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William Mitchell Fountain Pen Inks

1 review

80ml Bottles of ink for fountain pens

from £7.99

Joseph Gillott Artist Selection Dip Pen Box Set

11 reviews

Ideal for sketching, drawing & copperplate.


William Mitchell Calligraphy Selection Box Set

Contains a wide variety of nibs.


William Mitchell Calligraphy Starter Set

Set contains one pen, 3 nibs and 4 cartridges.


Joseph Gillott Mapping Pen Set

5 reviews

For ink sketching, mapping, cartooning and extra fine writing & drawing.


Joseph Gillott Drawing Pen Set

19 reviews

For ink sketching, cartooning and drawing. Pen holder plus 8 assorted drawing nibs.


Joseph Gillott Manga Pen Set

2 reviews

Perfect for sketching, drawing and cartooning


William Mitchell Round Hand Dip Pen Box Set

3 reviews

One of the classic tools for calligraphy.

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