Watercolour Palettes

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Watercolour palettes are generally made from plastic or porcelain, with mixing wells where artists can mix their colours.

We also sell a selection of portable palettes and paint boxes which can be filled with pans or tube colour and taken out and about to paint in the field. 

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Cloverleaf Paint Box - Watercolour Palette

99 reviews

A sturdy, lightweight compact watercolour palette/paintbox that has ample deep wells for mixing washes.

from £10.00

Loxley Plastic Slant Well Palette

Loxley Plastic Slant Well Palette


Portable Painter Palette

3 reviews

The Portable Painter Palette is the ideal gift for those who want to paint on the go; portable and hands-free it can be folded and taken out and about on your painting trips.


The Ultimate Palette Box

28 reviews

Probably the the most comprehensive palette ever!!


Ceramic (Porcelain) Slant Tile Palette

6 reviews

10 well ceramic slant tile palette


Jakar Porcelain Slant Tile Palette

1 review

Porcelain Palette, rectangular, 6 slanted wells, individually boxed.


Loxley Empty Heavyweight Metal Box

20 reviews

A quality, heavyweight metal boxes, enamelled black on the outside and white on the inside.

from £29.82

The Premier Palette Box

15 reviews

Sealable palette box ideal for watercolours.


Lightweight Metal Tin Watercolour Boxes

113 reviews

The metal boxes are designed to hold most makes of half pans or whole pans or a combination of the two.

from £16.75

Flower Shape Palette

11 reviews

Quality plastic palette with 6 outer wells and one central well.
7" diameter.


Porcelain Tinting Saucer

21 reviews

A quality white tinting saucer with four divisions.


Radial Sorting tray

26 reviews

Strong lightweight plastic tray with 12 outer wells and one central well. 12" diameter.


Plastic Folding Watercolour Palette

37 reviews

Available in two sizes.

from £2.75

Oblong White Palette

16 reviews

Strong lightweight plastic construction with thumb hole, five large mixing wells and 18 small wells.


Plastic Kidney Palette

4 reviews

Ideal for watercolour and acrylics this popular palette has 12 small wells and 5 large wells.


Small Round Palette

7 reviews

Lightweight palette with 10 wells and one central well.
6" diameter. Available in plastic or aluminium.

from £0.76

Plastic Daisy Palette

Economical palette for the watercolourist.


Small Rectangular Palette

3 reviews

Lightweight palette with 6 wells.
Size: 5" x 3.5". Available in plastic or aluminium.

from £0.53

Artists' Porcelain Daisy Palette

25 reviews

White porcelain palette with up to 9 mixing areas.

from £4.45

Empty Pans & Half Pans

86 reviews

Empty pans ready to recieve your own colours.

from £0.25

New Compact Watercolour Palette

69 reviews

Dished mixing wells, twin lids opening to provide 4 large mixing wells, thumb hole, 12 whole pans/16 half pans or tube colour.

from £15.85

Liz Deakin Watercolour Palette

34 reviews

15 colour compartments for tube colour. 7 deep mixing wells.


Fusion 18 Artists watercolour Palette

27 reviews

A wonderful palette to help you create beautiful artwork.


Porcelain Circular Palette with 12 wells

10 reviews

12 wells