Useful Artists' Tools

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We have a selection of useful artists tools including colour wheels, manikins and viewfinders,  all designed to make the artists life a little bit easier!

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da Vinci Virto Brush and Stylus for Touchscreens

As more and more artists are drawn to digital devices to capture sketches, the da Vinci VIRTO Series 77 is perfect for those looking to sketch on digital devices.


Mahlstick (also known as mahl stick or maulstick)

4 reviews

A good quality traditional tool which was developed as a rest to support the arm when doing oil painting.


Daylight Slimline Table Lamp

This powerful LED Table Lamp will add value to any home, office or studio. It provides a long arm reach of 73cm (28.7") and a wide, even light coverage, which is


Daylight Uno Table Lamp

17 reviews

This slim, flexible table lamp has a modern design and sleek finish. It has 28 high performance daylight LEDs providing high light output over a large area.


Daylight Wafer 3 Lightbox A2

The latest generation of lightweight ultra slim lightbox using fully dimmable LED technology. Now available in A2 Size.


Daylight Wafer 2 Lightbox A3

1 review

The latest generation of lightweight ultra slim lightbox using fully dimmable LED technology.


Daylight Wafer 1 Lightbox A4

1 review

The Wafer is only 0.8cm (3/8") thick. The tracing area measures 32cm x 23cm (12.5" x 9") - easily fits A4. 


The Perspective Viewer

24 reviews

The Perspective Viewer is a template with perspective tiles' which diminish in size as they converge at the vanishing point in the infinite distance.


The Viewfinder

13 reviews

The Viewfinder is a rectangular grid through which you may judge the positions of objects in the scene to be painted.


Scale Dividers

8 reviews

A great tool to help with scale and proportion. 


Artists' Stool

Beautifully crafted wooden stool with leather seat and belt for ease of transport. Large seat brackets ensure even weight distribution and prevent ripping.


Professional Artist Lamp 2, Satin Silver

15 reviews

This is beautifully designed powerful artist lamp which is chic and modern.

from £15.95

Lightweight Drawing Board - Half Imperial

8 reviews

Double-sided lightweight pine drawing board.


Derwent Scale Dividers

45 reviews

A great tool to help with scale and proportion. 



16 reviews

The artists' tool that teaches...



6 reviews

Complete with metal table clamp, spare leads and full instructions.

from £0.75

Daler Rowney Tracing Pad

12 reviews

Available in 60gsm and 90gsm. 50 sheets of tracing paper. Ideal as an artwork overlay for printer instructions.

from £7.00


3 reviews

The hand is made from wood and is ideal as an assist to sketching or painting. Size 8".



2 reviews

This male manikin is made from wood and available in 12" height. Ideal as an assist to sketching or painting.


Loxley PVA Adhesive

The PVA adhesive is available in 450ml and 120ml bottles.

from £1.75

Paper Stumps

6 reviews

This medium paper stump is ideal for blending pastel and charcoal.


Colour Shaper Pastel Set

4 reviews

This unique assortment of pastel tools are selected by professional artists, making a wide range of exciting effects possible.

from £14.50

Pocket Colour Wheel

32 reviews

Visually demonstrates how to mix colour and includes a Grey scale and illustrated colour relationships or harmonies.


Watercolour Wheel

5 reviews

This is to aid the watercolour artist.


Artists' Colour Wheel

14 reviews

Large popular colour wheel visually demonstrates colour mixing with immediate results clearly and simply illustrated.


Daylight Professional Artists Lamp (old version)

8 reviews

Replacement lamp is available. 18w daylight (100w equiv.)


Paint Pipettes (Pack of 10)

5 reviews

These pipettes can be used to transfer acrylic paint, watercolour paint and inks from a bottle or dish to your palette or any other location.



Magnetic Perspective Finder

3 reviews

Accurately establish and transfer directly to your drawings those elusive critical angles and proportions in any composition.


Frisk Film

1 review

Protect your work surface to be painted underneath with this temporary protective plastic adhesive film.

from £11.99

Transfer Paper (Tracedown)

57 reviews

Specially designed to transfer designs without leaving a wax residue.

from £6.95