Terry Harrison Masterstroke Oil and Acrylic Brushes

This is an exciting new Student range of brushes endorsed by Terry Harrison for the well established brush company Pro Arte based in Yorkshire in the UK.

Handles: Available with short handles
Head shapes: Merlin, Round Foliage, Trees & Texture, Stipplefan, Fantasia, Deerfoot Stippler, Flat Comb Rake, Round Comb Rake, Dagger/Striper, Soft Blender, Stiff Blender/Wipeout and Lunar Mop

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Terry Harrison Merlin Brush

15 reviews

Good for painting trees, grass and bushes with uneven edges.

from £4.76

Terry Harrison Round Foliage Brush

22 reviews

Natural haired brush for painting foliage on trees and bushes.

from £4.76

Terry Harrison Trees & Texture Brush

34 reviews

A stiff haired natural brush for stippling trees and foliage

from £4.76

Terry Harrison Stipplefan Brush

13 reviews

Ideal for painting foliage on trees and bushes.

from £4.76

Terry Harrison Fantasia Brush

12 reviews

Soft natural haired brush ideal for painting trees and grasses and blending.

from £4.76

Terry Harrison Deerfoot Stippler Brush

17 reviews

The round shape of this brush is ideal for painting small trees and foliage.

from £4.76

Terry Harrison Flat Comb - Rake Brush

26 reviews

A great synthetic brush for painting animal fur, bird plumage, waterfalls grasses and wood grain.

from £4.76

Terry Harrison Dagger - Striper Brush

44 reviews

Ideal for painting long grasses, flower stems, beautiful foliage, leaf effects and ripples on water.

from £4.76

Terry Harrison Soft Blender Brush

13 reviews

Allows you to gently blend one colour into another on your painting surface.

from £4.76

Terry Harrison Stiff Blender Wipeout Brush

5 reviews

Removes cauliflowers and unwanted drying lines.

from £4.76
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