Starting out in Watercolours

Watercolour paint is made up of pigment suspended in a binding agent, usually gum arabic. Watercolour paints are usually translucent, and due to the fact that they contain few fillers, the colours appear luminous when painted out. 

Watercolour paint can come in two formats, liquid paint in tubes, or solid pans of paint which you need to wet before using. You can also squeeze tube paint out into empty pans, or a palette and let it dry - just re-wet it to use!

Tube colours are good if you want to do big washes or apply strong colours. Pan colours are great for travelling and most artists will have a mix of tubes and pans. Top tip - when using tube colour, be careful how much paint you squeeze out, a little goes a very long way. If you do squeeze too much out, don't throw it away, let it dry and it can be used another time! Read our watercolour hints & tips

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