Sennelier Green for Oil Mediums

Bring a bit of nature to your oil painting practice with Sennelier 'Green for Oil' Mediums. Green for Oil mediums are part of the bio-solvent family, specially developed to be a safer and greener altnerative to traditional solvents. They work just as effectively as traditional solvents, but without the associated volatility and petroleum-based formula.

These biosolvents are manufactured using materials sourced from plant, animal and mineral based raw materials. The manufacturing process takes into consideration the highest sanitary and environmental standards and sustainable components are used wherever possible.

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Sennelier Green for Oil Thinner

1 review

Sennelier Green for Oil thinner can be used in the same way as a traditional thinner; ixing this thinner in with your oil paint for a fluid consistency.

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Sennelier Green for Oil Liquid Medium

Perfect substitute for universal medium.

Materials derived from plant-based chemistry.  

Use: This medium will enable you to improve the cons

from £7.61

Sennelier Green for Oil Brush Cleaner

3 reviews

Sennelier Green for Oil Brush Cleaner is a non-toxic fluid that can be used to clean and maintain your painting materials.

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Sennelier Green for Oil Gel Medium

Sennelier Green for Oil Gel Medium created for artists who wish to use a heavy paint to build up texture. 

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