Pro Arte Watercolour Brushes

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Founded in the UK in 1973, Pro-Arte has provided artists with some of the best brushes in the world for over 30 years. Dedicated to continued progression, the company is always on the look-out for new materials, new techniques and tools to improve their range. Testament to their quality is their enviable record of collaboration in brush development with artists.

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Pro Arte Series MP Miniature Painting Brush

47 reviews

Synthetic filament provides a really responsive tip for achieving the finest detail.

from £2.80

Stephen Coates Foliater Brush

7 reviews

Pro Arte have collaborated with famous artist Stephen Coates who has designed his ‘Foliater’ brush.

from £4.00

Series 320 Artists Mop Brush

3 reviews

Modest in price and quality, this is a general purpose fine goat hair artists wash brush.

from £5.53

Series 50 Artists Wash Brush

16 reviews

These brushes are manufactured from blue squirrel hair, with seamless nickel ferrules and a black polished handle.

from £7.88

Polar Series 32 White Nylon Flat

2 reviews

White nylon all purpose brushes are economical and suitable for watercolour, gouache, ink or acrylic painting. 

from £2.45