Pro Arte Renaissance Brushes

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Pro Arte created the Renaissance artists’ sable to run alongside their highly successful Prolene range of brushes.

Renaissance is designed to please the purists who insist on traditional sable with its wonderful colour holding ability. Even more important, through strategic purchasing, they have been able to keep the quality up and the price down. Comparing like for like specification, you will find this brush offers incredible value and is a real joy to possess. Renaissance has a generous filament set in a gold plated ferrule fitted to a handsome dark green handle. Renaissance is affordable sable.

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Renaissance Round Brush

15 reviews

The affordable sable brush, Renaissance features a generous filament of sable in gold plated ferrules.

from £2.51

Renaissance Flat Brush

5 reviews

The new sable flat watercolour brush for washes.

from £3.15

Renaissance Rigger Brush

18 reviews

Much longer in length than the Renaissance round, this is an excellent brush.

from £3.19

Renaissance Squirrel Mop Brush

16 reviews

Traditional wire bound super new mop with excellent watercolour holding power at affordable prices.

from £7.00

Pro Arte Brush Wallet Renaissance Sable PA2

31 reviews

Renaissance Sable Brush Wallet.