Pro Arte Oil & Acrylic Brushes

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Oil and acrylic painting requires a stronger, stiffer filament and hog bristle is the time-honoured natural resource (above left). Acylic paint is a relatively modern medium for which Pro Arte developed a special synthetic brush as an alternative to hog. Their Acrylix™ ranges in both white or the shorter handled brown have proved very popular with oil painters too. 

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Series 22 Varnish Brush Flat

9 reviews

Made from the best white Chinese bristle, these brushes perform well and will not easily shed their hairs.

from £4.28

Series E Hog Fan Brush

8 reviews

A useful brush for blending and may be helpful to artists for skies and landscape painting. Also useful with watercolours.

from £3.92

Pro Arte Brush Case Set Hog

5 reviews

A Pro Arte brush case filled with a selection of 15 Series B Hog brushes. Excellent value for money.


Polar Series 32 White Nylon Flat

2 reviews

White nylon all purpose brushes are economical and suitable for watercolour, gouache, ink or acrylic painting. 

from £2.45

Pro Arte Brush Wallet Series C Hog PA8

7 reviews

Series C Hog Brush Wallet.
50% OFF


Pro Arte Brush Wallet Polar W10

12 reviews

Polar Series Brush Wallet.