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Pencil Erasers

We stock a variety of rubbers suitable for use with many different kinds of pencil, pastel and chalk. Erasers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and made from different materials suitable for different types of drawing media and technique.

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Derwent Retractable Eraser

2 reviews

The Derwent Retractable Eraser is ergonomically designed with a pen-like precision. They have a comfortable grip and are ideal for erasing small areas of graphite.


Derwent Multi-Use Eraser

3 reviews

The Derwent Multi-Use Eraser is a non-abrasive plastic eraser with medium to hard firmness. It is robust and erases cleanly with low shedding.


Derwent Slim Eraser

1 review

The Derwent Slim Eraser is a slim plastic eraser that is specially designed for precise erasing. This eraser is soft and clean, with low shedding.


Derwent Pencil Eraser

1 review

The Derwent Pencil Eraser has an ergonomically designed, pencil-style grip and is suitable for erasing graphite. The reverse end of the eraser has a soft brush tip.


Derwent USB Rechargeable Eraser

1 review

The Derwent USB Rechargeable Eraser is an extra fine eraser. It is ideal for fine hair-line erasing or for adding in highlights on detailed artwork.

from £2.99

Derwent Kneadable Eraser in a Box

2 reviews

The Derwent Kneadable Eraser in a Box is an indispensable tool for artists’ who draw and sketch. This Putty Eraser lifts and absorbs graphite, pastel & charcoal.


Derwent Specialist Erasers

1 review

This pack of Derwent Specialist Artist Erasers contains two high performance, non-abrasive erasers.


Caran d'Ache Triangle Eraser

9 reviews

A triangular eraser featuring the new Caran d'Ache logo. The rubber features soft rounded corners and measures 45mm from top to bottom.


Caran d'Ache Technik Pencil Eraser

Eraser for graphite leads and pencils. Superior quality eraser, ideal for technical or artistic use. Non-abrasive, erases pencil, but not ink.


Caran d'Ache Design Pencil Eraser

Eraser for graphite leads and pencils and coloured pencils. Superior quality eraser, ideal for technical or artistic use. For graphite and colour pencils. Phthalate free.


Derwent Kneadable Eraser

8 reviews

Perfect for lifting out tone and colour


Derwent Battery Operated Eraser

36 reviews

This smart battery powered eraser is a handy tool for all artists as it erases quickly and precisely.

from £2.15

Dual Eraser Pack

10 reviews

One of each type of eraser per pack.


Derwent Shaped erasers

8 reviews

Slim ergonomic shape.


Derwent Graphic 2 in 1 Sharpener & Eraser

Derwent Graphic Pencils use only the finest graphite to create a smooth and graduated line. This set contains one HB, one 2B and the 2in1 Sharpener/ Eraser.


Electric Eraser

35 reviews

This battery driven eraser is very useful where you need to erase just a small area with accuracy.

from £0.90

Winsor & Newton Griffin Eraser

5 reviews

Finest quality soft, non-smear eraser.


Winsor & Newton Putty Rubber

58 reviews

Artists' kneadable eraser, for improving and brightening chalk, pastel and charcoal drawings, and creating special effects.

from £2.21

Jakar Artists Drawing Companion Set

3 reviews

Ideal for graphite, charcoal and pastel work.


Koh-I-Noor Kneadable Putty Eraser in Box

26 reviews

Kneadable Putty Eraser in Box


Faber-Castell Sleeve Eraser

The Faber-Castell Sleeve Eraser is a high quality pencil eraser. It has a soft texture and is presented in an attractive, dirt-resistant sleeve.

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